Hello all!

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PAT. # 2.972.923
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Hello all!

Post by gringopig » Sun Jul 08, 2018 8:10 am

Hi there...
I was recommended this forum by members of fretboardUK as the best place to learn about and potentially buy (given time) a vintage '62 to '66 Jaguar. I have developed an unsettling attraction to Kurt Vile and his Jaguars and hope that by buying one some magic dust will elevate me up to the higher reaches of rock!

I'm pretty certain this will happen.

I'm in Edinburgh and have been playing for some time now and my offset ownership is:
Fano Alt de Facto JM6

and er, unless you count a 1964 Fender Duo-Sonic (and I'm not sure you can) that's it.

Until I get my paws on a 1963/4 fender Jaguar.


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