I come by way of another planet.....

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PAT. # 2.972.923
PAT. # 2.972.923
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I come by way of another planet.....

Post by the_devils_tool » Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:25 pm

Just kidding, although Texas could be another planet.

I've recently fallen in love with Jazzmasters and of course now need to scour the interwebs to search for some sparkle flake versions. I know they exist, I'm patient. ;D

I've been playing for a while, have a decent menagerie of different guitars and some Blonde Deluxe Reverb limited Editions that I dig. I'm finally getting a bunch of use out of pedals so my collection is slowly increasing.

Squier Jazzmaster Deluxe
Robin Machete (technically an OSG?)
Ibanez Iceman (technically on OSG?)
Gretsch Duo Jet '57 RI
Gretsch Sparkle Jet (Red)
Gretsch 6120 Hot Rod (Black Matte and beat to hell)
Gibson SG Standard
Dillon Moderne
Eastwood Moderne (on the way, next month?)
Twang, Reverb, and Echo - it's where it's AT!

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