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Greetings from pittsburgh

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2018 6:58 pm
by Mburg
Hey guys. Newbie here. I've lurked around this forum for a while now and figured i'd join, if for no other reason than to ask questions. I'm something of an outlier here as i love the look and vibe of offsets, but play more heavy rock, punk, sabbathy maiden type stuff. Recently scored a squier affinity jazzmaster for 100 bucks that fits the bill quite nicely. I also have a fullerton movibe hh ( mosrite copy) that works for me too. Anyway. I spotted this really odd teal colored jazzmaster knockoff on facebook. Must be a partscaster because it has 24 frets, hss pickups, and a strat style trem. There is no name on the headstock. I have a pic on my phone here i'd love to show just ro see. If anyone has seen anything like it, but the process for adding images is not terribly straight forward. Any help on how to do that would be appreciated. Good to be here.