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Nobody puts baby in the corner ...

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 2:26 pm
by Zen-box
Yeah, dreadful reference, and I probably need some kind of professional assistance, but, honestly, it popped up in my head, just after I slid my new mint pickguard under the strings of my ‘stang.

“Oooh, that’s nice ... I think i’ll Just call it baby ... nobody puts baby in the corner (snigger) “.

All my guitars suffer from odd names (Clint - my Eastwood, etc) and, I can’t leave anything alone. Lucky for me then, when my new-to-me fsr 2018/60’s leftist Japanese Mustang arrived with a useless tremolo, sounding dreadful, and with a scratchplate the ‘color’ of congealed puke.

I love the green though, the neck’s perfect for my tiny man-hands, and I would like to hope that it’s well on it’s way to full health.

With a bit of help though, please, and thank you.