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Howdy from Berkeley CA (SF Bay Area)

Posted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 1:04 pm
by postchrist

My name is Eli, wonderful to meet you all - I’m a recent offset owner, i’ve lusted after jags n jazzys for years but only recently picked up a bullet mustang on a whim, threw up a thread in mods n projects... it’s gettin a big ol overhaul, i’ve been missing workin on guitars as of late.

I play indie/shoegaze, very into a lot of the 90s offsetters and others in that vein... mbv, duster, the sundays, pumpkins, slowdive.. etc! Have been in quite a few bands, toured a couple times, currently working on a project with a bandmate that i’m very excited to eventually share.

For the time being i’ll largely just be lurking around. Looking forward to exploring this lovely little library.