Old jaguar - no paint in cavities?

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Re: Old jaguar - no paint in cavities?

Post by mbene085 » Sun Jan 19, 2020 12:02 pm

Tsmithpam wrote:
Sun Jan 19, 2020 4:59 am
I’m looking at a early 66 jag. Got a 1 jan 66 stamp. I understood it may be 15 not 1 in 66, but appreciate this is early in the year. Has bound neck.

Is from a reputable dealer.

Any thoughts?
There are lots of transition pieces that combine features of both eras. As long as there isn't something totally out of place (like the lack of binding on the OP's '66 neck), I wouldn't be too suspicious. For example, there were no bound 24" necks other than jaguar necks. Sounds like it was just an early piece in the year before they switched from 1 to 15, if everything else looks correct.

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Re: Old jaguar - no paint in cavities?

Post by Tsmithpam » Sun Jan 19, 2020 1:28 pm

This is the guitar on a previous sale listing:
https://www.gbase.com/gear/fender-jagua ... cid-blue-3

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