Re: The hunt for a Jazzmaster case continues.....

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Re: The hunt for a Jazzmaster case IS NOW OVER......

Post by PorkyPrimeCut » Sun Sep 02, 2007 5:27 am

I got a letter through. The case has arrived, I just need to pay £24 plus £8 handling fee.

I'm going to pick it up tomorrow!!! Wooohooooo!!
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Re: The hunt for a Jazzmaster IS NOW OVER......

Post by NickD » Sun Sep 02, 2007 12:18 pm

glimmertwin wrote: I just want to bring up again how crazy shipping overseas is and how much that irritates me....take Fed Ex for example.  I tried to send something to Canada recently and I got something I think it was in the $50-$70 range by pricing it out on their website.  I had all the package's dimensions and weight.  I take it into Kinkos and they give me some astronomical quote.  I tell them I saw cheaper pricing on the web, they tell me to get that pricing you have to go to an actual Fed Ex location and hand me a pre-printed handout with directions to the nearest one(although Kinko's is a Fed Ex authorized center).  Turns out by "Fed Ex location", they mean the "every region has one" central processing center type, not the "there is one in your zip code" type.  After braving traffic one day and going all the way in BFE to ship, the Fed Ex location gives me a price only slightly better than the Kinko's location.  I ask the lady whats the deal with the cheap quotes on the web and she says, well you have do it online and call in a pickup.  Where does the pickup go?  To the warehouse directly behind where the lady was standing.  How do you get an online account to get that pricing? - you have to set up a business do you set up a business account...well you get the idea.  It's a major pain in the ass and there is really no reason why it should be that way in this day and age....
The really stupid thing is, it costs $60 or so to send a guitar to the UK. Youy can pretty much double that to send it from the UK to the USA. :-\

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