Mangled 1957 Musicmaster...eBay horror story

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Re: Mangled 1957 Musicmaster...eBay horror story

Post by jcamlis » Wed Sep 19, 2007 2:00 pm

oh I know what happened somebody really wanted and ugly Ibanez or Dimebag Darrel Esque guitar, but they had a relative that said well I got this "old" fender you can have it can't be worth much so the person got it, did that to it and thought they were KEWL ! ( yes I spelled that wrong just like an 15 yearold on myspace)
And then they played  it in a new metal band. Everybody thought it was KEWL too but it lacked humbuckers or the all important Floyd Rose so it was sold on ebay.

I hope that is almost what happened to it, I can't see why a sane person would kill a guitar like that otherwise.

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