MIK Squier Strat - weird neck/dimension confusion

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MIK Squier Strat - weird neck/dimension confusion

Post by preservation » Thu Jan 24, 2019 7:56 pm

Initially posted this at TDPRI bc I figured there’d be a lot of Strat-fans armed with knowledge:

http://www.tdpri.com/threads/mik-strats ... ts.917323/

Ehhh, maybe not so much.

The pros of this Oly White beauty = amazing pickups.

Cons = horrifically Bad/stiff tuners and the weirdest neck I’ve ever felt. It’s totally playable, but the fingerboard feels as if if curves upwards on either side. Not possible, but it feels as if the neck is concave.

I’d *love* to throw on some single-piece rosewood (or 70s CBS-style) neck and call it a day - but will a MIM/MIA neck fit in this Squier pocket ???

Pickguards too are apparently tricky...

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