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Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 4:49 am
by Kennybhoy
I have an original j54 I've had it for 40years I recently put together a j56 original with a black neck but not original tuners looking for one's with plastic heads ,the neck plate is not the right one I looking for a rectangular plate ,I must say I've put it together and all I have to do is ajustment to the saddle height ,I know I'm playing 12 but the j56 is like playing a j54 these are the best rangers eko ever madei wish eko would release a book on the acoustic from the j54 to present day research is down to the guys and gals playing these great acoustics I also have two eko folk's and an eko nylon plus a ranger vi which I think I'm going to part company if you have never play the j54 then you would like it but the j54/56 is my choice to play ,I also love playing the eko folk