Why didn't I do this years ago (parallel routing)

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Re: Why didn't I do this years ago (parallel routing)

Post by HazBen » Wed Dec 16, 2020 8:57 pm

craig anderton used to be a big proponent.

I really liked thickening the sound with time offsetting so it worked kind of like ADT but with diferent effects

like for instance I'd do it with an octave pedal so the octave wouldn't sit right on top of the main signal as just on sounds

so split to A & B

A -- choose a basic tone , maybe a disto and flanger or something...whatever

B -- octave, 100% wet (all octave down) --> delay : time=small (10s of ms), FB=0% (one repeat), blend 10% wet

a little time delay like that is how really primative ADT or stereo imagers work

I haven't used that TC electronics boxes for adt - wonder if it warrants a revisit

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