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Re: EQD x DBA "Time Shadows" & ZVEX x Chase "Bliss Factory" The Pedal Movie Exclusive

Posted: Sun Nov 15, 2020 2:18 pm
by shoule79
I got the alert on these and could have picked up both. The EQD/DBA one was tempting, but I already have stuff in my board that covers those sounds. Saw this shit show coming a mile away. Compulsive shopping and “limited editions” bring out the worst in people.

I’m over limited boutique pedals Designed to create hype. EQD has been getting bad for this lately with this, the Black Ash and the Sunn pedals. I get small builders having issues with demand, but creating a frenzy for no reason turns me off these companies. Reverb double dipping on sales makes things worse.

Kudos to Joal for making future runs to fight this. I’m not his audience but I can appreciate what he’s doing (and Probably making himself a good profit to boot).

Re: EQD x DBA "Time Shadows" & ZVEX x Chase "Bliss Factory" The Pedal Movie Exclusive

Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2020 7:22 pm
by ElephantDNA
I do think we are entering a place where the pricing on some of this stuff is starting to turn people off. The good thing about the pedal boom to me is the plethora of clones out there both from guys in their basement as well as people like TC Electronic. You can get a much wider variety of sounds at pretty reasonable prices these days. We live in a world now where you can buy an Amazon basics tubescreamer. I think that's a good thing. More gear in the hands of beginners who can learn the stuff we learned for a fraction of the price. But the high end of the market is starting to turn into the high end market for guitars where like 7 blues lawyers in the world would even look at them.

Re: EQD x DBA "Time Shadows" & ZVEX x Chase "Bliss Factory" The Pedal Movie Exclusive

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 10:06 am
by Jaguar018
Well... I sold my Time Shadows pedal on with only some moderate price gouging. :-/

To my door the pedal cost $225. I sold it for $275 + Reverb tax. I was in the process of putting it on here for basic 'retail' price, but I also decided to put it on Reverb for more and it got snapped up right away. You can already see people reducing their obscene asking prices of $600 down to more 'respectable' amounts like $400 or $385. ::) I figure it's fun to undercut those jerks and still make a little extra.

The Hype market is lame but it is also hard to resist. I don't feel like the pedal was all that incredible. Fun? Yes. But hopefully the next guy will enjoy it more than me and/or flip it for more $$$.