Polvo appreciation

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Cornelius Plum
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Re: Polvo appreciation

Post by Cornelius Plum » Thu Oct 29, 2020 6:40 am

During the early 2000's In Prism tour, Ash's main guitar was a Fernandez Strat that I think used to be red (or some other color) but then got a coat of black paint. He also used a Guild S70 and a Strat with a locking trem system. His amp was an ampeg V4 with a beat up no-name straight cab.

Dave only used a thinline telecaster with two WRHBs, probably a Mexican or Japanese made 72 reissue; his amp was one of them fender hot rods.

Steve played a beat-up Precision bass through a small fender solid state bass head and an ampeg 4x10 cab.

The Polvo guys are not gearheads, I think the tunings they use and the way they play is much more important to their tone than the stuff they use.

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Re: Polvo appreciation

Post by SadFuzz » Thu Oct 29, 2020 2:28 pm

Tbh i find non gearhead gear more interesting to find out about than pedalboards full of boutique stuff. Easy to forget that a lot of the alternative bands during the 80s/90s were using what they could find as less gear around etc.

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