Hello from Austria, jaguar with 2nd horn?

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Hello from Austria, jaguar with 2nd horn?

Post by GeekG » Wed Dec 16, 2020 12:28 am

Hello Everybody,

My name is Georg(e) from Austria, 40, and i liked jaguars and Mustangs since ages. Liked kurt cobain of course.

But play only strat.
Now i want to get my perfect offset, i read most about jagstang and different designs of jagstang and its confusing and hard.

I came to the conclusion that my best option and best looking guitar woukd be a regular jaguar body with a 2nd lower horn, similar to a mustang horn, everything else stays and i have lots of options then with pickguards, plates etc..

I searched but there seems to be no guitar out there with justva 2nd horn on a jaguar or a JM body..

I mean since i saw a jaguar i thought it needs a 2nd horn.. I tried photo edit of a jM body and man it looks just great with a 2nd horn.

Any of you did such a project? I am just a regular joe and cant do it myself.

Can any of you point me to someone in europe who could do a jaguar body with 2nd horn for me?

Or havevany if you seen a guitar thsts like a jag with 2nd horn? Other than jagstang, honestly i dont like jagstang as it turned out, but like the idea.

I have a picture of what i did but i guess i cannot post picures here without them being hostet somewhere..

I will get that option the next days


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Re: Hello from Austria, jaguar with 2nd horn?

Post by Nudger » Fri Dec 25, 2020 2:37 am

Your post has peaked my interest.
Would love to see this project take off!
Sorry cant help with a supplier of body but your description put me in mind of the fender marauder.

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