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Metal offset?

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 5:56 pm
by ChrisDesign
What is a good offset for Drop C metal that isn’t a Jim Root signature?

No vibrato
Six strings
Under £1k

Re: Metal offset?

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 7:52 pm
by MayTheFuzzBeWithYou
Hey Chris!
I play Drop C# on my Jaguars with no issues.. more Garage, Surf, Psych and Doom than metal - but Metal without Distortion + Reverb = Surf something within these boundaries is easily possible. Haven't tried Drop C on the Jag yet - but on a Jazzmaster or a Toronado this should work with ease!

So these might possibly work for you (they are quite rare today - but once they show up they can be had for about 600-800€ in my area. ... k/pd/16189

Close to that: Blacktop Jaguar and generally Blacktop and Player models... Jazzmasters too of course!

And even if you find one with a Vibrato that would suit you otherwise - there are hard-tail conversion plates... or you could set it up so stiff that you won't have any unwanted movement...

But maybe this is just the thing you're looking for? ... l?rl=en_US

or the new Squier Toronado or if you find a Fender one used... ... 00502.html

Today's Squiers are all pretty good quality - but there is always room (and at their price range also a budget) for some serious upgrades like new pickups and electronics - AND MOST IMPORTANT A PROFESSIONAL SET UP! ;-)

These also come in a wide variety of colors ... _green.htm

These could work too...

Ibanez Roadcore series?

Not entirely offset but pretty cool - thought about buying one a few years back - as they got some similarities to the iconic Rickenbacker Bass shape: ... zer-in-blk

There is plenty of good and usable stuff out there - any colors you want to avoid/it should be to narrow things a little bit down?