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LTD Viper... What color?

Posted: Fri Aug 07, 2020 7:50 am
by LVC
This is not a project, at least not until I complete others with a much higher priority. More of a musing for now...

I've just got a LTD Viper-10. I had sworn I wouldn't buy another guitar this year but this one was so obscenely cheap that I couldn't resist. Besides I've always had a thing for the offset SG shape (although OSG purists would no doubt argue that the Viper is actually not that offset).

The plan is to use it as a guinea pig for a number of mods I intend to do to my other guitars. For instance, I haven't dared to use my router yet... Well adding a JM trem would make this guitar much more interesting to play. And the black finish is a little boring, so it would be a perfect opportunity to try my hand at refinishing, with the considerable advantage that if I screw up, well it was only a €50 guitar anyway.

I'm looking for suggestions of finish colors for this guitar. Here are a few ideas I'm considering:

LPB with racing stripes — love this!

Sonic Grey

Sage Green Metallic

Should you want to toy with it, the following pic is a crude .png with the guitar's body altered to be transparent, so with very basic Photoshop skills all you have to do is lay it over a colored background layer.