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Help for home studio connections needed !

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2021 9:05 am
by lastlol

I'm upgrading my home studio (trying to make it more user friendly), and I bought a rack Samson SM10 mixer to regroup synths, bass and guitar ins before sending the stereo outputs of the mixer to the 5/6 line ins of my AI (Steinberg UR44, great AI, very stable).

For bass and guitar I'm using a Sansamp BDDI and Joyo American and AC Tone (stereo setup). The mic inputs (with preamps) of the AI are used for mics (Aston and Line Audio CM4 to record vocals and acoustic guitar).

Finally I have two rack effects I bought secondhand for cheap a long time ago (and that are currently collecting dust...), a Yamaha D1500 (mono) and a stereo Lexicon MX400XL that I would like to use through the Send Efx output of the mixer (and back in).

So the global circuit should be : Guitar -> Pedalboard -> AC Tone/Am Sound, Bass -> BDDI and Microkorg Stereo Line Outs -> Samson Line ins with D1500 and MX400XL in Efx send-return, and Samson line outs to Steinberg UR44.

My question is what kind of cables do I have to use... Balanced or unbalanced ? I guess that for the instruments to Samson I'm going to use standard mono jacks.
The Samson EFX send (Post fade out) is 1/4" unbalanced
The D1500 has, I think, 1/4" TRS balanced and XLR balanced mono inputs, and the same for outputs
The Lexicon MX400XL only has balanced XLR ins and outs
The Samson Efx returns are, I quote : "two stereo 1/4" jacks for connecting stereo line level sources like those from the output of effect processors"

So I'm planning to use a regular jack between the Efx send and the D1500 input since the D1500 is mono, then XLR between the D1500 output and MX400XL input, and two female XLR to TRS jack between the MX400XL output and Samson line ins. Though I'm not sure these ones are balanced...

Is that ok ?

Re: Help for home studio connections needed !

Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2021 8:20 am
by northern_dirt
Id connect the Yamaha to the MON out send then return from there on a mono line in..
the Lexicon id feed the ST Sfx to and return on a stereo line in..

Actually just use linen 9 and 10.. easy peasy, and they are located right there..

So SFX out TRS to Lexicon/lexicon TRS out to Line in 10
Mono TS out to TRS in Yamaha/Yamaha TRS out to TRS in Line 9..

Now you have effectively two SFX sends, one mono one stereo..

Re: Help for home studio connections needed !

Posted: Fri Apr 23, 2021 7:34 am
by lastlol
Thanks !
It does not matter if the MON send is pre fader and the EFX send is post fader ? And a TRS jack to Y-XLRs cable will be ok to go from the EFX send to the Lexicon even if the EFX send is unbalanced ?