MiniNova, AirFx

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MiniNova, AirFx

Post by burntumber » Fri Jul 10, 2020 5:44 pm

Lately I have been selling some gear, then blowing the cash on new stuff.

Today I scored a Novation Mininova.
I was looking at getting a Korg Monolouge, or Microkorg xl.
Then i saw the Mininova pop up on craigslist for $300(canadian), it seemed to have the coolest features,
with the the row of 8 Animate buttons, and you can run the vocoder through the Arp.

I've read that the Bass sounds are nicer in the Microkorg xl, but I like a lot of the Basses in the Microfreak I have already.
Never used a vocoder before, and I don't like my neighbour's anyway.

only other experience with keys I have is with the Yamaha Reface CP.
The keys on the Mininova seem a bit more demanding.

I have yet to buy rca cables, but I scored an Alesis Airfx.
Wanted to try one of these and the AirSynth since I saw it back in...2003??
None of the stores in my city seemed to have either, and I could never find any online when I had money.
Plan is to hook this up after a looper and destroy loops.

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