Who do we like for custom pickguards nowadays?

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Dr Tony Balls
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Who do we like for custom pickguards nowadays?

Post by Dr Tony Balls » Tue May 11, 2021 6:24 am

Modifying a Hohner JT60 to have JM pickups and basic JM electronics and i'm in need of a pick guard. I have the original to work from but it needs some modifications. No need for vintage correct tortoise or anything weird, just relatively basic stuff...so....

1. Who do you all like for this sort of thing?

2. Is there anyone out there right now that will work direct from a digital file (illustrator or the like)? Seems much easier than sending in a tracing.

3. I suppose I *could* attempt this myself from a blank but that seems complicated and error-prone...unless anyone wants to convince me otherwise?

*edit* actually....am I dummy for not doing this myself? I have the original guard to make a template from and i've got all the router, moulding trimmer, etc tools to make a template and cut a new guard from...Would need to do the pickup cutouts separately but could prob get JM pickup templates...
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