Metric screws for Mustang Dynamic Vibrato?

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Metric screws for Mustang Dynamic Vibrato?

Post by jonnyrocket » Sun Jan 10, 2021 11:25 am

Hi, I have a Kurt Cobain RI mustang and some of the screws that hold the vibrato plate are getting stripped. They seem to be metric M3 with a pitch of 1 and 20mm long. In metric the way it goes is:
M3 means a diameter of 3mm
Pitch of 1 means that each thread is 1mm apart
Length is self explanatory. In this case it's 20mm

I have looked online with no avail. The closest I have found is by searching for sheet metal screws or self tapping. I have found close but not exactly. I have found countersunk screws but with a flat head instead of an oval head. Do any of you know a place to buy Fender Japan screws from? Would it be plausible to use a an imperial screw instead? As far as I can tell there are no sizes that match the metric exactly which means that I should probably go a bit larger right?

What advise do you guys have? What have you done in the past when encountering a similar situation?


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