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Bass VI

Post by zhivago » Thu Oct 12, 2006 4:00 am

This was a post that Alfred (BassVIst) posted on the FDP a while ago....I saved it on a text document a while back, and thought we should have it posted here...

Awright…. I’ve been asked about building USA Custom Guitars “Baritone VI” bass VI replicas so often that I decided to write this little form letter…

Most of the hardware and electronics can be ordered from Musician’s Friend online. I prefer ordering from them because you can see what’s in stock, have more delivery options and I’ve had no errors or issues at all with them.
But often Angela Instruments will have Genuine Fender parts at a better price. Parts Is Parts has a better selection, offering aftermarket parts… but Allparts usually has those at a better price…
Guitar Parts Resource is my latest favorite online store… mostly because they accept Paypal, so I can avoid using credit cards and pay directly out of my checking account…

All have been great, but Parts Is Parts has had the best customer service, in my opinion… and probably the best “one-stop-shopping” option…

Musician’s Friend has:
a real Fender Bass VI case for $130
Fender strat/tele vintage style (Kluson style) tuners
Fender vintage style strat string tree
Fender vintage style neck plate
Fender bone nut blanks
Fender output jack
Fender 250k solid shaft pots
Fender Jazz bass knobs (got a collection goin of unused tiny black knobs… lol)
Fender vintage style Strap buttons
Fender 5350 Stainless roundwound Bass VI strings
And Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Strat Pickups if you so choose…

You’ll have to order the following from one of the other vendors mentioned above:
Fender Jaguar diamond shaped switch plate
Fender Jaguar black on/off pickup switches
Fender Jaguar AV RI Tremolo Unit and arm
Fender Jaguar or Mustang Bridge assembly (should include saddles and body thimbles)
And if you didn’t get the Texas specials… Fender Jaguar AV RI Pickups w/ aged covers ( I get two necks and a bridge, and put the bridge in the middle position)

The original bass VI prototype had a Jaguar/Jazzmaster bridge base…
As do the current Custom Shop Masterbuilt bass VI’s…

I use an aftermarket Mustang bridge.
The low E saddle has to be cranked all the way back for proper intonation… and that causes the intonation screw to angle upwards, often buzzing against the string while playing…

So I just cut about a quarter of an inch off of the screw with a hacksaw.

I’ve tried GraphTech’s mustang-like saddles and LOVE the Tusq ones.

I also prefer to get Tusq pre-slotted nuts so that I only have to open them up a bit… instead of cutting a fresh nut.

I’m partial to flatwound strings on everything… So I get the LaBellas from" onclick=";return false;
Which are now $56 or so.

I can’t think of anything else right now… maybe I’ll add more to it later

USA CG will cut a pickguard for a better price than most anyone, i'm sure...

there were under $20 last time i ordered one from them

that's out of their standard materials in stock
they won't order anything for you, but you can order your own stock and send it to them and they'll cut it...

Tony at" onclick=";return false; also has VI guards



There is a source in Switzerland for repro wide bridge bases, four-swich plates and control plates - M.Huort." onclick=";return false;

- mez

[edit #2]

(many thanks to forumite tubart for the clarification of the country and the web address)

- zhivago



I've just been informed that Staytrem now offers an increased width Bass VI spec StayTrem bridge to allow for wider intonation" onclick=";return false;

Many thanks to Dan (Deed_Poll) for the headsup

- zhivago
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