Holy Grail - Bucket List

For guitars of the straight waisted variety (or reverse offset).
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Re: Holy Grail - Bucket List

Post by mackerelmint » Thu Apr 11, 2019 6:00 pm

Y'know, there *IS* one that got away.

A Roland GR-500, complete and in good working order for a measly $400 that I didn't have in 1997. And I think about that sometimes, and I gnash my teeth and rend my garments and wail. Because never before or since had I seen one outside of pictures, much less one for sale. Last time I checked on prices, they were a hell of a lot more than 400 bucks for an incomplete and broken setup.
This is an excellent rectangle

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Re: Holy Grail - Bucket List

Post by BoringPostcards » Thu Apr 11, 2019 6:17 pm

Gold guard Jazzmaster
Rickenbacker 330 in MID or Jetglo
Late 60s LPB Jaguar with blocks n binding
Early SG with Maestro (small guard)
Guild Starfire III
Competition Blue Mustang
Gibson ES175 w/ HBs
Vintage Jazz Bass in any colour.
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Re: Holy Grail - Bucket List

Post by mgeek » Fri Apr 12, 2019 3:00 pm

The only things I super super lust after are things that money just can't buy...

Been collecting Fenton Weill/Burns Weill related guitars for 10+ years, and only ever seen an RPG2 Streamline for sale once. It sold for 90 euros on ebay, from a seller that wouldn't ship outside of Belgium. Seen a picture of one other and that's it apart from the odd 'back in the day' photo. I've got a bunch of other Fenton Weills, but this is the grail purely cos i haven't had one yet, and it's kind of the classic ugly Fenton/Burns Weill shape

I know full well that if I do track one down it'll be a barely playable lump of wood, with a muddy tone, and inaccurate fretting, but I still dream of owning one...

(didn't want to hotlink, but there's a pic about 80% of the way down this page, past the basses http://blackguitars.com/burns-weill-RP2.html )

There are a few other things I'd love to own, but knowing they * are * available, but I'm not willing or able to pay the going rate kills it for me. A UK Vox phantom with the push button effects, or the early Vox Phantom with the metal pickups would also be amazing, but I'd want it to be a lucky find, rather than paying the going rate.

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Re: Holy Grail - Bucket List

Post by Drill » Sat Apr 13, 2019 2:42 am

I really wanted a Yamaha SG, and eventually got a SG 600 all upgraded with bare knuckles, locking tuners, etc... Had it for a couple of years but eventually sold it because it was too perfect, too "hi-fi" for me maybe :P

I also lusted for a Gibson MIdtown Custom for awhile. I would like to put a bigsby on it. Out of nowhere there was one being sold with bigsby on it already!

Then there's this Yamaha SA-15 (that was part of a trade with the sg 600) that I never even thought (or knew) about but it's probably my #1 guitar.

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Re: Holy Grail - Bucket List

Post by Maggieo » Sat Apr 13, 2019 11:44 am

I've managed to fill up a lot of my bucket list, but I still want, very much, an early 60's Les Paul SG.

Why? Back in 1983, my guitar teacher in Kearney, Nebraska had a '61 that was beat all to hell- headstock and neck repairs, grungy uncovered PAFs that had be rewound at some point, dirty as all hell, original bridge replaced with a 70's harmonica bridge, and...it used to belong to Tommy Bolin. I traded it for Skippy, my Strat (which actually worked out OK, because for almost twenty years, Skippy was my only guitar). :-* :fp: :'(

Oh, and a great Les Paul would be nice, too. Don't get me wrong, the Love Rock I have it a pretty good guitar, but, you know.
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Re: Holy Grail - Bucket List

Post by simonhpieman » Thu Apr 18, 2019 3:54 am

1) Squier Venus. CHECK Always loved the look, no particular affinity with Hole or Courtney.

2) Ricky 360. CHECK (and sold) Can't remember for the life of me why I wanted one as no-one I was into played one. Never really got on with it in the end.

3) B+B Jazzmaster. CHECK (and sold) Love dem blox

4) Jaguar. CHECK twice and sold twice. Spent many of my teenage years wanting an offset and finally saw a CIJ Jag in CAR at a guitar show. Threw my money at the slightly bemused guy on the Fender stand having made no attempt to haggle and trotted off into the night...!

5) White Les Paul Custom - James Dean Bradfield. Still yet to scratch that itch, though spent weeks staring in awe at my Gibson Les Paul Studio when I first got it. Not sure 14 year old Pieman could have managed to restrain himself with a Custom!

6) Starcaster - Semi CHECK - Saw one when I was 15 in a shop in Bournemouth and thought it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. Regretted not buying it since but finally got one last year. Would still like another in slightly better nick but the Starcaster and Jaguar are probably the 2 guitars that have not suffered from my changing tastes as I still think they're as cool now as I did 20 years ago.

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Re: Holy Grail - Bucket List

Post by jakeisjake » Thu Apr 25, 2019 4:07 am

I think the only guitar that qualifies for me is a Rickenbacker 360 wb ...I love the shape of the 330...but I love the double binding and shark inlays of the 360.

and, of course, THAT SOUND!
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Re: Holy Grail - Bucket List

Post by redchapterjubilee » Thu Apr 25, 2019 4:56 am

Suppose there's a difference between a holy grail/bucket list and a keeper list. I have some keepers for sure. But someday I will do something stupid over a blackguard '70s sunburst Jazzmaster, preferably from my year of birth (1975). I came close to buying one a time or two (though not a '75) when they turned up still in the low $2000's but did not pull the trigger and I fear those times may be gone. Most I see come in closer to $3000 now and I won't pay that for any guitar. I like the aesthetic of the '70s headstock, the B&B and the b/w/b guards. I could probably partsmaster such a thing if I really wanted.

BTW if I really had the dough to make it happen I'd LOVE to have Fender Custom Shop make me an antigua Jazzblaster with '70s headstock but with rosewood fretboard instead of maple, staytrem bits, and Lollar Regals. Finding a 1975 is much more likely than me ever making this one happen.

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Re: Holy Grail - Bucket List

Post by burpgun » Sat Apr 27, 2019 12:17 pm

I guess I should feel lucky here, but the main itch I ever had to scratch I did pretty much at the beginning. I’m more a bass player than a guitar player. From the very beginning of playing all I ever wanted was a Fender Precision from the 70s, with the big black logo on it. Was ambivalent about color.

My path to getting that bass wasn’t pretty. I started out on a pretty nice, in retrospect, Japanese Precision. My practice space got robbed and every instrument I had got swiped. The only upside is I was insured through my dad, so I had some money. This is 1993 and it’s Baltimore so hair metal ruled the land. I was able to go to a pawnshop and score a natural 1975 P bass for $400 and it’s been my number one ever since. I’ve never even tried to get another Precision.

I’ve had other basses that I thought I really wanted. I had a couple of Rickenbackers because I love Joy Division. I had an Ovation Magnum because I was hunting for the Jah Wobble sound. Even went through a Thunderbird phase. I always came back to where I started.

The only other basses I ever saw and wanted immediately were the Fender PSVI and the American standard Jaguar bass. I got both although the Jag was kind of hard to score based on the limited run. I like those basses a lot but still, that old P Bass is the one I’d run into a burning building to save.

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Re: Holy Grail - Bucket List

Post by Tritone » Mon Apr 29, 2019 8:34 pm

So actually most of the guitars I thought were cool as a teenager, I am not really into now. Tastes change, I guess. And while I love all the guitars I have, most of them were bought either when I played them in a guitar store on a whim and they spoke to me, or after wanting that model for a relatively short time. For example, I got a Jazzmaster after wanting one for only about 6 months. The only guitars I've really obsessed/lusted after for years before acquiring (or not) are the following:

Gibson ES-330. Around 2008 I got a Chinese Epiphone Casino and was blown away by the sound. It had a lot of construction and quality issues, though. I figured an ES-330 would be a great step up one day. Around this time I also found out Elliott Smith had played ES-330s live, and sounded amazing in the bootleg Youtube videos. Finally a few weeks ago I got a 2018 Gibson ES-330. It had some minor issues but it plays and sounds amazing after a bit of fretwork. Totally worth the 10 year wait.

Rickenbacker 4003 bass. I've wanted one of these since around 2010 but haven't gotten one yet. I'd love a blue one! I have played one unplugged but I don't know if I'll like the sound when I do actually pick one up. Hopefully one day I can find out :)

Gretsch White Panther. In 2016 I played an Electromatic Duo Jet at a Guitar Center and had to buy it. It was the first Gretsch I'd ever played and I liked almost everything about it, but the Blacktop pickups started to grate on me after a while. I sold it around the time I picked up a PRS Core Starla. That guitar was also cool but had some issues with a farty low E string and I just didn't quite love it enough to keep it, as I actually preferred my other PRS (McKorina Soapy) a bit more. I sold it and about a year later I picked up a Gretsch White Panther, which is freaking amaaaaaazing and has scratched my Gretsch itch. Also even though it was cheaper than the ES-330, the construction quality is way better.

Now, that's not to say there aren't other guitars that would be really effing cool to own. If I ever win the lottery I'll probably buy a couple Ricks, a few offsets (vintage and new), a vintage Tele, a Telesonic, a Japanese-made Duo Jet, a Les Paul, a DGT, a McCurty Mercury, and a couple more baritones, to start. But I can't really say any of those are holy grails, just cool guitars I would love to play.

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Re: Holy Grail - Bucket List

Post by bah humbuck » Tue Apr 30, 2019 10:44 am

Ibanez Blazer - strat knockoff I played at a studio in LA for a couple months. The stock bridge is shit but the feel of that instrument was better than any guitar I have ever played. Will probably have to wait a while before I can rationalize buying my own as I just picked up a Yamaha strat that is pretty nice in its own right, but I still think about that Blazer often.
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Re: Holy Grail - Bucket List

Post by JSutter » Wed May 01, 2019 8:31 am

Fender Mustang American special. I'm already close with my Blacktop Jaguar, just want a smaller body.

PRS, something like a Tremonti or 245. Totally different specs, I know. I love my SE245.

Wolfgang, Peavey or EVH. Arch top for sure, can't decide on bridge.

Acoustic with a cut away. Taylor or Breedlove perhaps.

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Re: Holy Grail - Bucket List

Post by BlueSparkle » Thu May 16, 2019 8:13 am

It's the holy grail - which means it will never happen in my lifetime, so:
Let's go all out...
Start with
Les Paul's 1954 Gibson LP custom - aka black beauty (alnico staple 480 neck, P90 bridge)
GH's Rocky
Bo's Gretsch Bo-Diddley
EC's Blackie and his ES335TDC, and Lucy. I mean, why the hell not bag the trio...
Any of David Gilmours Jaguars or Jazzmasters, preferably his 1962 seafoam green Jag w/ matching headstock. No, I don't want his strat, everyone else wants it.
But I would take David's 1958 Gretsch white penguin as a consolation prize.
Any of Chet Atkin's Gretsch Country Gentleman
Elvis' 1956 Gibson J-200

Now the holy grail list of Guitars that I might actually be able to purchase in my lifetime that I don't have:

Gibson ES350 Barney Kessel
Gibson ES355 Trini-frickin'-lopez
Fender 1954 Esquire
Fender '51 NoCaster
Gretsch 1958 White Penguin
Fender '62 Daphne Blue / seafoam green Jazzmaster
Gibson Flying V Custom
Knaggs Severn
Gibson custom R9 (59 LP) Goldtop p90's
'95 JDMJMCS Blue Sparkle w/ McNelly 46/58's.
other non-offsets.

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Re: Holy Grail - Bucket List

Post by dezb1 » Mon May 27, 2019 8:52 am

mackerelmint wrote:
Wed Apr 10, 2019 2:49 pm
If I have a holy grail, it's something I hate so I can destroy it.

SRV's guitar would be that for me. Someone steal it for me and I'll grind it to dust and flush it down a toilet. And post it to youtube so people can cry about it.
Ha ha! Legend! It'd be like the KLF burning that £1000000.

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Re: Holy Grail - Bucket List

Post by somanytoys » Wed May 29, 2019 3:06 pm

I grew up on a mid ’80s Ibanez bass that looks like a Ric (Roadstar II Deluxe), and also had a Ric for a few years, and stupidly let the Ric go. Years later I bought a bass from the Musician series from that period, and 3 Roadstar II guitars from the same period - one is a Steve Lukather model that matches my original bass. They’re not incredible, but I love them and they are nice.

I have 3 (or 4) that I can think of, no especially specific model that I’ve figured out yet. These won’t be cheap, so when I have the money I’ll go around and try them out until I find “the one” of each, assuming I’ll be able to afford all of these one day.

An older Les Paul, ‘70s or so, either a custom or maybe a traditional. Black, white, cherry burst or maybe honey burst. .

Takamine 12 string acoustic electric. I should have bought one for a grand that I played years ago at a music store in L.A., and I could afford it. I talked myself out of it to be “responsible”.
(What a dick. Still kick myself sometimes while mumbling mean shit. I deserve it. That was the best 12 string I’ve ever played in my life)

Alembic 4 string. I’ve always loved playing those. They play well and sound great.

Older Rickenbacker 4001 or 4003, I’ve only played 1 or 2 that felt really good. They have their own feel.

Anything else would be gravy.

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