Incoming: NBD

For guitars of the straight waisted variety (or reverse offset).
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Re: Incoming: NBD

Post by Shadoweclipse13 » Mon Jan 11, 2021 1:26 am

Larry Mal wrote:
Fri Jan 08, 2021 6:31 am
They are very powerful pickups, low noise, great dynamic range, very good frequency range. I have virtually no experience with them on guitars, but on basses MFDs will give you all the tones you could want, you can dial in a simple P-bass thump there, although that's not really what they want to do and it's a little work in the way of twisting knobs a bit.

But if you want a sound that will cut through, they'll do that in spades. Think of the bassist from the Stranglers and the sound he got, MFD pickups on basses get to that sound very easily (although that song was done with a P-bass). Take that with a grain of salt since that's also a bass sound that I like and gravitate towards.

They'll do anything you want, but like I say they are powerful pickups and can easily overpower other things, think of a car that has such a powerful engine that you have to make it obey the rules of the road more than you have to coax it into going fast.

That being said, though, G&L makes those pickups do different things. My L-1000 (the best bass ever designed in my opinion) uses the MFD pickups, and it will do very low and throbbing fundamental bass notes if you want. My SB-1 is more or less a very robust Precision bass with a little more growl on tap, and my L-1500 wants to be a very aggressive bass but you can tame it down to do so low end dub throb if you want.

I can't speak to the L-2000, though, which has its own unique circuitry, pickup placement, and design. All of the basses I've mentioned aren't variants of each other with more or less features, they are basses that look very similar but are actually completely unique designs that get very different sounds by applying design philosophy to the same basic ingredients.

There are a lot of great bass makers out there, G&L is the best in my opinion. I'll be happy to hear what this bass turns out to be.
Thanks for the info, Larry! I've been wanting to build a short-scale bass for a while. I could see putting one or two of those in it...
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