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Hello World

Post by Slowdave » Fri Feb 01, 2019 1:00 pm

Hi fellow guitar nerds!

I'm Dave, I come from a very nice little town in smack middle of Tuscany in Italy.
Nice place with plenty of people interested in music, until they eventually grow out of it and stop smoking weed, that is. Or maybe until they move to a more interesting city like Rome, Milano or Bologna.
Damn hipsters.

Anyhow, I'm a pretty terrible guitar player, but my dad was (and still could be) an awesome performer and was into all sorts of music... I got stung by the music bug circa 3 years ago, after buying my first synth and messing around with it.

Then after a pretty brutal heartbreak I decided to pick up my dad's guitar and learn some basic shapes, you know, the usual stuff.

After seeing me with his only guitar in my dirty little hands, my father showed up with a pretty ugly semiacoustic Tele made by him. It sounded like a Gibson, and I didn't like that.

So then he decided that I should be able to make my own instruments and taught me how to solder and how to assemble my own custom guitars.
I bought parts online, an unfinished offset body and a Tele neck, thinking "I got this".



The guitar that I made looked appalling, probably the ugliest and most punk rock looking thing ever, thing is, I'm not really into the punk aesthetic and this thing screamed "crass shagged bluegrass".
So I made another guitar.
And another one.
And more.
But then I built The™ Jazzmaster ™. ©®™.
I mean, it sucks in terms of functionality. The bridge is as strong as a newborn high on metadone, its screws are as tiny as Mr. Burns' soul and the jazz circuit is tailor made to piss me off.
But still.

And that's the story. Here I am, trying frantically to sell all the "failed" non-offset guitars and trying to form a band.
I'll make some photos of my collection, most of them are different versions of Telecasters, but some of them are pretty cool looking.
Also I'm into shoegaze, fuzz, and female singers (I mean who isn't).

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Re: Hello World

Post by Pacafeliz » Tue Feb 05, 2019 10:41 pm

...sounds good, welcome, you'll love it here!

And... I don't smoke weed but I still want to live where you are! :-[
Greets outta Germany, enjoy your stay and, hey, keep yer head up!

i love delay SO much ...that i procrastinate all the time.

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