VERY Important Gentle Reminder - No Trading On The Forums....

Discussion of newer designs, copies and reissue offset-waist instruments.
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VERY Important Gentle Reminder - No Trading On The Forums....

Post by zhivago » Tue Dec 05, 2006 2:57 pm


We have had a few people signing up for the site without reading the rules they sign up to.

Rule #11 CLEARLY states:

11. No selling or trading outside the Guitar Shop section. Offenders will be temporarily or permanently banned depending on the circumstances, and offending posts will be removed.
New members must reach a minimum of 50 posts to be able to participate in the Guitar Shop. Post padding for the sole purpose of reaching 50 posts will not be tolerated and offending posts will be removed. If the behavior continues we may delete your account entirely. The Guitar Shop is listed as a courtesy only. does not accept any responsibility for fraud or identity theft by members. It is suggested that you use an escrow service or a service like Paypal so that you have options in the event of a problem in your dealings with other members. All transactions are at your own risk.

this means absolutely NO TRADING ANYWHERE, guys...all we ask is for people to participate...we don't want ANY money from you guys if you wanna sell stuff....just 50 posts....if you hang out on this forum and like it, you'll reach the 50 posts with no problem...the atmosphere here is pretty friendly, and encourages people to post their questions, comments, whatever

we have had a couple of members this week who have broken this rule, and they have both been temporarily banned

please, do read the forum rules and respect them, afterall, each and every member of this forum agreed to them when signing up

so, to re-cap on the For Sale Section/Policy of this site:

  - newer members (Pat Pend) cannot post there.
  - access is based on a post count of 50+, there are no fees.
  - post padding to reach the required 50+ posts is not permitted.
  - buying/selling outside the Guitar Shop is not permitted.
  - all transactions within the Guitar Shop are at your own risk.

many thanks, now go play some loud guitar!
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